Article – 15


 Article 15 of the Indian Constitution prohibits discrimination on grounds of religionracecastesex or place of birth. But how I wonder that after 70 years of Independence, our country still believes in caste system. “Casteism – A curse to the human kind.” This is the age old caste politics which is plaguing our country.

The recent movie Article – 15 showed the brutal actualities of our Indian Society, which is a clear and unwanted picture. It is a deeply saddened reality of our society. 2019 is the year, where modernism has arrived in every field except human brains. The unmoving standards of our society are such that it still fights for Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, Human Rights etc. Most of the times the basic human rights are being violated deliberately.

Article – 15 shows the precedent occurrence of the hour. The existence of the caste system has reached to such an extent that it is destructing the whole system.  It portrays the life of a Dalit community in our society. Also represents that how the minority group is tormented by the upper caste of the society. The extreme mental and physical pain makes them loose their dear ones. They are compelled to do certain things and are hoaxed to extremity. Dalits aren’t allowed to enter the temple and are beaten to death if they wish to do so. The young ladies are assaulted in light of the fact that they are only the objects for men..

Gang rape, which gives me goose bumps while listening to it. And there are hundreds of rape cases which shuts down immediately and nobody bothers about it. The case is to such an extent that the woman is assaulted by a man who feels like a gentleman after raping her. I wonder in horror that sex is the only medium of pleasure for them it seems.

The conditions into which these people live is extremely hazardous. They are psychologically disturbed and are continuously being harassed for their existence in life. Killing of innocent people in the name of caste, reassuring that the minority groups does not survive in better conditions and suspending the officials who are willing to work according to our Indian Constitution and they are forced to follow the path of corruption. These are a few events from the film which shook my heart.

The horrendous act of torturing the minority group shows that we are still entangled in this complicated social segregation of our country. Which is a fact everyone is aware about but are less concerned. Yes, we cannot change this age old system overnight. But we can initiate conversions about these issues. 

And let us all at-least gather courage to not abuse others through any mediums.  It will make a great difference.

I think that we must remember- “Just because we don’t suffer or we are not suffering. It does not mean that it is not happening or it does not exist.”

Jai Hind !

                                                                         – Bansi//~





Child protects planet with umbrella.

Yesterday night, while I was fast asleep in bed, I suddenly heard some weird sounds from outside the window. I wandered lonely as a cloud about what could be happening outside. And moved to check the time from my phone. It was past the mid-night. Soon, I also figured out the sounds coming from outside.

I stood up and stood beside the window. I wanted to peep outside of it but I didn’t as it was real scary outside. The sky was not crystal clear as it was in the last evening. It was extremely dark and the heavy lightening sound was horrendous. The air outside was blowing like a hungry lion. There was a layer of dust on each and everything.  And the weather changed within few minutes.

It started raining heavily along with the strong winds. The benches in the park downstairs, plants, carpets etc were blown away with the strong force of the wind. My heart skipped a little while observing these things. The scene outside was of a thunderstorm which was terrifying.

Yes, people would say that this is a rainy season and these things are bound to happen. But I thought about how this thunderstorm came along with a destruction around us. This wasn’t something normal without a cause. I also wonder that, is this because of the fewer reasons which I am going to mention below.

Is it because we are polluting our city? Or is it because we are throwing the garbage anywhere and everywhere? Or is it because of Global Warming? The plastics and the pollutants, the garbage and what not !  Are we really aware about the damage that we are doing to us eventually?

“We The Humans, are so creative in creating the destruction. Yes, the sudden out of nowhere thunderstorm at midnight says it all.” The scenario outside was scary altogether but the generations which will come next will be scared to live in this world full of natural calamities, less natural resources and more of artificial things. 

So, now its totally up to us whether we want to live a better life now or we would love to live in the place full of toxicity and danger ?  –

– Bansi//~





Am I supposed to dress up in a certain way, which I don’t like(because that’s not my style) ?

Yes, I have to when I don’t want to !

Am I here to talk with people with whom I feel suffocated ? 

Yes, at times I am compelled to do that !

Am I supposed to say Yes to all the things even when I am not complacent about it ?

Yes, I am forced to do that !

Am I here to be suppressed by the females of the society, as they say ‘Ladka hoke tu kabhi ro nahi sakta ?

Yes, I am supressed !

Am I supposed to not dance my heart out because I am a girl ?

Yes, I cannot !

Am I supposed to listen to the people who tell me ‘ladka hoke tu ghar ke kaam kar raha he’ ?

I don’t want to, but I have to listen to this !

Am I being preposterous by cutting my hair short being a girl ?

Yes, society labels me as preposterous !

Am I an object to be judged, when they say ‘Ladka hoke tu kitchen me khana bana raha hai’ ?

Yes, I am judged !

Am I here to speak nothing when I have plenty of things to say ?

Yes. I cannot speak because it would be monotonous for people who would not like to change !

These are the most common and very frequent questions regarding stereotypes. And a plausible explanation  is given to me for all the questions I have, to fit in the flourishing standards of the society. It is a real necessity to have a responsible equation with the people in the fraternity. Whether you are being judged, doubted, assumed or coerced.

A person is constrained to believe that the benchmarks are already set and the change by you in them would be an impossible task. Humans are becoming  eccentrically hilarious over the years.  We even blame each other for having poor sartorial taste. We also ask for validations and throw our opinions on anything and everything.  We do rely on each other for integrity but not working on ourselves as a whole.

We are being are more objective, when needs to be subjective and vice-versa.

-Bansi //~




A Midnight Thought.


                        Sometimes  amidst the night I write to express myself  or I just feel like observing things around me.  It leads me into deep thinking. Thinking about all the possible things of life.

                   I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful life, where I can hop and skip around and make people laugh on my inabilities and jokes.  Where I can eat and repeat the things which I love. I can cry and crave for something I want. I can twist and turn my disabilities into abilities. I can hear and listen to people according to my choice. I can sing while dancing and I can dance while singing. I can heal and hear the wounds of people around me. I can write and create through words and pictures. I can cry and laugh at the same time for the happy endings in life.

                Where I do have the liberty to think and ponder upon the things which are real and  unreal. I should have the courage to write about the realities of life. I can suffer and suffocate due to my own karma. Or I can learn and live on the good deeds of mine.

In the end I can do what I want to and not what others want. And where I can be the change to make others change..



– Bansi//~

A Compulsion or A Choice


             To  act and to react in different situations is a human nature. Acting and reacting at the same time would be difficult at times. Human kind performs numerous activities during their life time. May it be for others or for themselves. Apparently these things have a great impact in their lives.

              For instance people sit, they stand, they walk, they roam around, they help others, they help themselves, they cheat, they repeat, they kill, they save, they sleep, they talk, they gossip, they wonder, they decide, they nurture, they observe, they draw, they paint, they write, they interrogate, they sacrifice, they adjust themselves, they act, they react, they perform, they assist, they direct, they play, they design things for others, they destruct things for others, they decorate, they pan and organise, they steal, they rob, they lie, they befriend someone for a cause, they sell, they cook, they work, they drive, they derive, they study, they follow their passion, they dream and do number of things to make their ends meet.

As destiny plays its role, it may be a compulsion or a choice for the human kind. A person always struggles between these two. And when the person is ready to make the compulsion his choice in life, he is ready to deal with all the possible causes and consequences in life..


@Bansi  //~


The Masked Life..

Sometimes I think more and I act less,

Sometimes I eat more and I starve less,

Sometimes I give more and I take less,

Sometimes I feel more and I say less,

Sometimes I get more when I want less,

But sometimes I want more and I get less,

Sometimes I run slow and I walk fast,

Sometimes I want to walk but I have to run,

And at times I have to walk when I want to run,

Sometimes I feel the pain and I want to say everything,

Sometimes I talk more and I cry less,

And many of the times I pray instead of weeping..



– Bansi  //~


Sleepless Night..

Do you ever feel that you are unable to sleep at night ?

    Yes, would be your answer sometimes. But have you ever thought that why is it happening to you? Have you ever tried to find out the reason behind your sleepless night? Have you ever wondered about the same?  Is it that you are less interested in sleeping when half of the world sleeps?

     Try and find out the reason why are you unable to sleep. Try and find out the reason whether you are hungry or angry, or someone is bothering you?  Or you feel like slapping someone?  Or  are you irritated by something which is not so important?  Or are you waiting for the thunder to strike you?  Or are you worried about the pink dress which is not fitting you? Or are you worried about the new pair of trousers which are not perfect for your white top? Or are you thinking about the new pair of shoes which your neighbours bought last evening? Or do you really want to talk with the street dogs about the corruption and global warming happening all around? Because humans aren’t interested in talking about these issues. Or are you upset about the one thousand rupees note which has been banned recently? Or are you in a serious dilemma at this hour? Or do you want that one of your loved ones should come at your door step with an ice-cream? Or do you want to paint the walls of your house at midnight? Or are you in a deep thought about the soul which will leave your body one day?  Or do you want a ghost to come to you at the middle of the night to have a conversation with you?

    Yes, this was a gross exaggeration about the sleepless night. Because it happens when you are unable to sleep at night, your mind will be full of questions, thoughts, fears, dilemma, positive and negative thoughts and sometimes even ideas. This is when you come to know that you are confused about something and the confusion lasts for a long time. As these are the things in life which you face knowingly or unknowingly.


– Bansi//~


The Silence Woke Her..

She was perfectly dreaming of a story in her head while she was fast asleep. She dreamt of a perfect drama of her life. The drama of her life where she was the actor, director and the story writer of her own story.   While she was fast asleep she was wondering about the beautiful life given by God. She had a sort of conversation with her inner voice. She was constantly thinking about the life that exist on earth.

There were many random thoughts popping in her mind. The surroundings, the people around her, the way they act, the way they behave, other living creatures that exists on earth etc.  The activities and duties that people have to perform in their life.  The logical and the illogical things are a part of human life. The relevant and the irrelevant things play a vital role here. People are dealing with different outcomes in life. She was compelled to think about human behaviour which affects the human life and would make a big difference. She was wondering about how each and every person or even other living creatures on earth are  completely different from one another. Some are logophiles, some are nictophiles, some love apricity, some are overweening, some suffer with dysania and so on. Different mind, different body, different soul, different ways to deal with the difficulties of life, different perspectives about everything etc.

She was struggling with the outcomes in her life. Dilemma followed her wherever she went. She was dealing with metanoia in her life. suddenly their was a silence in between. She was confused. Just then she realised that she was not able to speak again. The Silence Woke Her. She abruptly took blanket off her face and recollected her breathe.






A diary entry.

13th January  – 2017

Dear Rebecca Bluemoon

“An  incident, a joke, a journey, a perfect thing to bother about, an experience or a thought in life  and many more things.”

Yes, I do write on things like this. And it becomes more easier when you are with me.I have you as my all time partner and companion. And I write to you when I feel that I am with the state of my mind or vice-versa. I choose to trouble you  when I go through the worst or the finest experiences in my life. Because these are the times when I need you the most. I never feel aweful with you its always wonderful with you. At times I feel like my world revolves around you.

You are the best thing I have ever got in my life. I write to you when I get an inspiration from any random thing, I write to you when I am on the top of the world, I write to you when I am at my worst, I write to you when I  jump with joy of excitement, I write to you when I sit down with my teary eyes, I write to you when I am in a mood to cut the crap, I write to you when I want to Talk to my Grandfather who is sitting high up in the heaven, I write to you when I m truly mesmerised by something, I write to you when I suffer from Thantophobia, I write to you when I don’t want to speak in front of anyone and I write to you when I feel alone.

People think that I am being weird, not expressing my feelings or sharing the thoughts which trouble me. But that’s not the case. I am here at the stage of my life where I have to make myself comfortable with whatever I need to And as I told you earlier also that I love being in my comfort zone. Its not that I don’t want to talk but its that I have nothing to talk when I think that I am bothering people around me.

You are like a ray of hope to me. I would like you to be with me every time.  Thank you for just being there.

You are splendid and miridical for me.

Yours truly

Anonymous writer..


(P.S. Rebecca Bluemoon is the name of my beloved diary which is not an inhuman thing anymore..)



Life dramas..

What is this life, if full of care
you have no time to stand and stare.Be-aware,
the darkness in life will disappear
if the life is full of care.

gives you many thoughts,
gives you many obstacles,
teaches you endless lessons,
asks you to be firm footed,
asks you to be a dramatist,
asks you to be in a limit sometimes,

But does not give you,
the time to stand.
Staring at things would be impossible.

If you stand,
If you stare,
Be-aware, you are left behind

take a twist,
take a turn,
give it a try and
you stand on the top in this running world.